Reseda Theatre and Housing Project

The Reseda Theatre and Housing Project is a collaboration between Azure Development, Thomas Safran & Associates and the City of Los Angeles. The project will construct a 31,385 square foot mixed-use project across two sites comprised of 26 permanent supportive affordable units and the reactivation of the Reseda Theatre, a landmark in the San Fernando Valley.

The proposed housing project will be executed by our partner Thomas Safran & Associates and will be built on a 10,997 square foot property. The project will have street frontage on Canby Avenue and include the construction of a four-story apartment building. Amenities include a gym, community room with a shared kitchen, laundry room and a TV/computer room to be shared by all residents. The project also has an at grade garden at the center, which allows for upper units to look over the community garden. Out of the 26 units, two (2) are two (2)-bedroom units and the remainder are one (1)-bedroom units. Each unit has a private patio of 500 square feet or above.

Eligible residents will be selected to live in the housing through Los Angeles County’s Coordinated Entry System (CES). All residents and their families will receive supportive services through their residency including on-site case management, financial education, food assistance, life skills training and transportation assistance.

For more information please visit the Thomas Safran website.